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What are the best mobile apps for traveling? – KEPO GADGET

TripIt is the type of app that almost needs no introduction. When it comes to travel planning, it won’t suggest destinations for you, or help you plan the best possible way to spend your time in town wherever you go, but what TripIt does offer is a complete, hassle free way to combine all of your travel confirmations, itineraries, tickets, hotel bookings, rental car reservations, and the rest in one simple view. That view then becomes the central hub for all of your travel needs—no more fishing for a confirmation email to get your reservation number, or wondering what flight number you’re on before you check in; it’s all right there, and it’s all incredibly handy. It’ll even let you know if there’s a better seat on your flight so you can switch to it. As someone who uses TripIt when he travels, I wouldn’t leave home without it.


on Juni 5, 2014.

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